About Us

Started back in 1986, opening as a service station and taking over the lubricants for Caltex SA in the area, as they wanted to close down the old depot across the road. Slow and sure Andre got to grips with the new venture and learned the ropes. Those where still the days when fuel cost mere cents per litre as the chart below will show.Skip a couple of years we decided to stop selling fuel and just concentrate on the Lubricants and refined Diesel and Paraffin.

We installed new underground tanks and continued with the business at hand.

What started from slow and humble beginnings, grew into the biggest Caltex lubricants reseller in South Africa. Handling and supplying any size of quantity lubricants in the industry .Small 200ml and 500 ml up to the bigger 20L and 210L packaging while not even stopping at the bulk 1000L and bigger orders of 10000L and 40000L.

Or product ranges are made up of engine, differential, gearbox and hydraulic fluid .we cover specialized products and one of made products for our customer.

On our path to becoming the largest in South Africa we had the privileged to work with some of the biggest companies and best companies in our industry. We have handle products for Bell Equipment, Fraser Alexander, Kumatso, Babcock, Rauties transport to Schoeman boerdery, some fallen companies Sawina and some very old companies Redruth. Building on our knowledge we have won numerous awards within Caltex and have stayed the biggest reseller for them in South Africa. Having earned our knowledge and experience in the lubrication and refines industry through 25 years of hard work and dedication Andre van de Merwe Motors thrive on a challenge and love building long term customer and friendships. Some of our most loyal customers have been with us from the start. Some off our customers have been with us for 26 years. We have seen our favourite customer/family enjoy our product and service for three generations.

We are dedicated to our industry and belief in solving our customer’s lubrication problems. Being family owned we are very in touch with our customers needs and have helped some of our customer in keeping their business out of the red and getting them back onto the right track.

Solving their problem not only through our products and services but also understanding that we live in a world where the path laid out before us can take some wild turns.